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@IStillLoveHER – “The 5 Footer: A Tribute To Phife Dawg”

Phife Dawg

Wanja Lange, head pen of the I Still Love HER hip hop site, has put together a tribute mix for the late Malik "Phife Dawg" Taylor, member of the legendary Tribe Called Quest, who has passed away from complications due to diabetes March 22. His music has been implemented in the ears of hip hop heads for over 3 decades strong. With this mix, she has put out a small statement: I write this with a...

Meres One of @5PointzNYC Creates Sean Price Mural In Brooklyn, Friends & Fans Share Memories


"Use your head for more than a hat rack." - Sean Price On August 8th, veteran rapper and Boot Camp Clik member Sean Price has transitioned in his sleep early morning. No one knows the cause of his death, but friends, family and fans from all over were shocked and devastated by the news for he was one of Brooklyn's beloved and respected emcees. He is survived by his wife and three children. Sea...

VIDEO: @whoisjr & @pvdmusic feat. @shabaamsahdeeq & @eldasensei – “Vinyl Is Forever”

This post is dedicated to all of my DJs, vinyl collectors and enthusiasts, such as myself, everywhere. Vinyl Is Forever is paying homage to the greatest music physical format of all time AKA RECORDS!!! Vinyl!! WAX!!! CRATES!!! We truly are living the reality of working towards allowing our musical legacies to go beyond our years and vinyl will be the physical version that stands the test of time...