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Shabaam Sahdeeq – “Limitless” | @shabaamsahdeeq

"Limitless", produced by DJ Doom, is another leak single from the album Timeless: of the collection that Shabaam has been slow cooking for a while of that pure boom bap hip hop that he is known for. It is something new to hold you down till the album drops entirely top of 2017. Before this album drops, a collaborative (mixtape) with Marvelous Mag called God's Coins and a collaborative EP with E...

@ShabaamSahdeeq – “Fly Script”

Shabaam just keeps proving why he is one of hip hop's biggest stalwarts with his new single from his upcoming Timeless: of The Collection project. Produced by DJ Doom, Shabaam is just keeping the skillet hot for the upcoming European New Beginnings Tour in May. The Timeless project will include cover art hand made by Shabaam himself. Check the New Beginnings Tour dates to see when Shaba...

@ShabaamSahdeeq – “GMR”

Following his smash album, Keepers of the Lost Art and his highly acclaimed EP, Modern Artillery, underground staple and lyrical assassin Shabaam Sahdeeq fuses hip hop with the world of art in his new video "GMR" (Grown Man Rap), the J57-produced single off of his new album Timeless: of The Collection, which is a four part series of albums coming up. In an interview with Respect Magazine, Shabaam...