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Ryu – “The One” | @therealryu

When a lion roars, the jungle stops and stays completely still. Whether it’s out of fear, whether it’s surprise, or out of sheer respect, only the beasts of the wilderness know. In Hip-hop there has never been a more dominant, more ferocious roar commanding that same respect and instilling that same terror in the fragile listener than that of Public Enemy’s Chuck D. Thus, it was only natural...

Ryu feat. Gravity Christ & Divine Styler – “Radio Pollution” | @therealryu @GENERALDV @divinestyler_1

Stanley Kubrick’s biographer John Baxter stated that the music in 2001 was always "at the forefront of Kubrick's mind" in order to set the tone, and even re-direct the movie during editing. Likewise, the second single from Ryu’s Tanks For The Memories album, “Radio Pollution” is a sonic voyage into a Kubrick-ish quasi-reality of what might be, should the underground rise and features fello...

Ryu – “Been Doing This” | @therealryu

Los Angeles native, Ryan ‘Ryu’ Maginn’s story in Hip-hop is one integral thread in the tapestry of the underground Los Angeles Hip-hop diaspora. From his early years ruling the Los Angeles radio and cypher scenes, to breaking necks and banging heads with Styles of Beyond via their critically acclaimed seminal debut album 2000 Fold and their sophomore follow-up MegaDef through to his work wit...