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John Jigg$…One phrase comes to mind and that is lyrical powerhouse!  Straight out of Long Island Jigg$ is the Hulk of Hip Hop with a tongue of the Joker!  Since the release of his latest album “Twin Cannons”, Jigg$ has received incredible notoriety from  big dogs in the industry as Kid Capri, Parrish (EPMD), Lord Finesse, Granddaddy IU, and Sway who invited Jigg$ to return to his sho...

@Rkitech, Giving Hope To The Culture, Communities, and Elements Of Hip Hop


MJ: MJ here with Writter’s Block, and I am pleased to have the opportunity to chop it up with a very special guest not for the first but for the second time. From Long Island he holds title to Artist, DJ, Producer, Engineer, Teacher, and Community Activist! Rkitech thank you for taking time out for MJ and for everyone here at Writter’s Block. Now you have a plethora of projects going on right ...

@therealMICHANDZ feat. Sgravo & DJ Fastcut – “Mission Is Clear”

From Mic Handz' upcoming My CoDeez project, THEM's CO-CEO is back with this international declaration of his love and dedication to the Hip Hop culture world wide. Mic delivers a monotone style flow over this R-Kitech produced groove track assisted by the machine gun flow of the Italian emcee Sgravo from GuastaF3st3 and seasoned by the DJ work of Italian based DJ Fastcut. Bar after bar the fell...