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@PH_TEAMHOMI x @shastimuli x @toolsbeastly757 – “It’s A Massacre”


This track was for one of PR Dean's mixtapes that never came out, PR recorded all 3 artist in his studio "The Gully Lab" aka The G Lab. PR always had fun recording with Pumpkinhead since they both from the same hood and went to the same school when there was kids. It was always love when they both saw each other or linked up. PH & Sha Stimuli both used this track on there project before but wa...

#ModernArtillery @ShabaamSahdeeq – “Get It”

When Shabaam Sahdeeq spits “SS pen a screenplay, day in the life/ Of a black man tryna make things right” on his Modern Artillery single “Get It,” it’s easy to start imagining exactly how one can execute such a plan. Do you continue plugging away at a 9-to-5 to make ends meet? Or do you do whatever it takes to “get it how you live”? For the Brooklyn rapper’s character in the...