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Artist Spotlight: @BubbileeDiva


Businesswoman, sex symbol, feminist, pop star, sugar and spice...she's everything girls want to be. The pop artist known as Bubbles is taking music, fashion and acting by storm. Her independent idealism and free spirit are a breath of fresh air to people around the globe who aspire to be more then what is expected of them and are determined to carve out their own niche in the world. Bubbles...

Artist Spotlight: @officialnewday_

And now for something a little different... KidStereo, Jovi, Trendz & Tone make up the Brooklyn hip hop band New Day and they are definitely not afraid to cross over the musical boundaries. Ranging from everything from hip hop to R&B to rock to pop, New Day incorporates all these genres to create new and innovative sounds. Together they produce, engineer and write their own music, as...