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@DONSTREAT28348 – “Streat Recognition”

don streat

Emcee Don Streat or Cyrus which ever you want to call him is Baltimore hip-hop at its best. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland but currently living in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Streat's hip-hop history runs deep with ties to the Baltimore hip-hop scene. Beginning in middle school, he crafted his first rhyme and then began to write rhymes for his closest friends which spawned him in creating Infi...

@SoCrackedLab x @unknownmizery – “Royal Flush”

royal flush

When the chips are down, when the struggle is real, when times are hard, there is always hopes and reasons to keep believing and re-inventing. This faith in the passion of music, in the capability of doing great things and becoming a better human being despite the unfair societies we all live in is the very core of the Smile EP, out March 1st, Smile is made of 7 brand new classic hip hop songs ...