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@IliasBey & @Medina_Green – Save The Children EP

ilias bey

According to Medina Green member DCQ (aka Ilias Bey), the underground rap group consists of "two brothers, two cousins, and one good friend," having "Medina" being the Asiatic name for Brooklyn and "Green" signifying growth. Getting love since 1998's "Crosstown Beef", the Brooklyn group is back with their new EP, Save The Children which contains stellar production from Shawneci Icecold and super...

@theroots – Things Fall Apart: 16th Anniversary

"The people are complaining because you grandiose motherfuckers don't play shit that they like. If you played the shit that they like, then people would come, simple as that." - Shadow Henderson, Mo Better Blues, 1990 This quote is part of the intro of The Legendary Roots Crew's 4th Studio album, Things Fall Apart, which today marks their 16th anniversary of its release. Things Fall Apart...