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@mar_qmusic – “When I’m Mean” (Produced by Charles Hamilton)


"When I'm Mean" is the second single from Mar-Q's upcoming debut effort, Dr. Minus...and it's taking internet and college radio by storm. The single pulls no punches and speaks on so many levels about the sadism in some (but not all) relationships. The message that it sends will have the single soon to be the "Girl, Act Right" anthem of the year.   Facebook | Twitter | IG | Soundcloud | ...

VIDEO: @mar_qmusic – “Fuck Outta Here” (Produced by Fame Beats)

Brooklyn born with a universal mind, and attitude that says "I don't care" but music that exudes impactful passion, a man who has many business suits but will be just fine in jeans and a t-shirt, a personality laid back enough to fit in with any crowd but gives product that is of majestic quality, coming from the 90's era of rap without harboring any hatred for current hip hop. There is a hidden t...