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@Dynamic_EQ – “System Overload”

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This week NYC hip hop duo, Dynamic Equilibrium, will be releasing their latest single, "System Overload." ​Dynamic Equilibrium is a combination of the heavy production of producer Machia and the lyrical creativity of Alpha Memphis, both born and raised in New York. After the great success of their first album, Post Crack Era, which reached over 80,000 views on YouTube,​ the tag-team is rea...

@Dynamic_EQ – “The Formula”


Last year, New York duo Dynamic Equilibrium released Post Crack Era to critical acclaim in the underground rap community. To celebrate the one-year anniversary, they've released “The Formula,” the first single off their follow up project, Formula 9DE featuring the legendary Sadat X and Audible Doctor. Simple yet effective, the song features sharp lyricism from Alpha Memphis over gritty, scratc...