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@Ricky_Bats Talks Upcoming Projects, New Releases, and Shares His Story


MJ: MJ here, your favorite "Writter" at Writter's Block.  Tonight we are taking it to the South Bronx with Ricky Bats, not the flying type but as in Born A True Spitter! First and foremost I have to salute you.  I respect and admire how real you keep it with the world and your fans.  You don't sugarcoat or hide your volatile past, scarred body, or years of prison stripes.  Why is it important ...

Pee General, Bush Kept Secret, In This Exclusive Tell All


  MJ:  MJ here with MJs world for all your Hip Hop connects, shows, events, and all of MJs exclusive top indie and classic old school interviews. Tonight taking time out for Writter's Block is an artist true to Hip Hop representing Brooklyn and New York, P. General. Before we begin I want to thank you for taking time away from your music and family to chop it up with MJ here at Writter's ...

@1212peeg – “Family”

P General is one of the lead Emcees of the Brooklyn group Bankai Fam. The super group has picked up where Wu Tang Clan and Boot Camp Clik left off. Releasing their debut EP On My Side in 2013, it set off a resurgence of fans' belief that Hip Hop, and more specifically New York Hip Hop is still alive. Building off the success of the Bankai Fam EP, we have seen solo releases from group members Skan...