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The Head Pen Speaks: Gene Simmons & the “Death of Rap”


As the 40th Anniversary of Kiss' Destroyer makes its release, Kiss frontman Gene Simmons made a retort on RollingStone.com yesterday towards pop charts and the music of today, stating that he's looking forward to the death of rap, which will happen in 10 years. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And we all can agree to disagree. Gene is notoriously known for being a musical snob, but it ...

…And Now A Word From The Editor


We, as the media, should be ashamed of ourselves. Yep, I surely said it. I remember a time when hip hop was a movement, something that was created from the struggles of ghetto neighborhoods everywhere. It was proactive; showing emcees skills, mastering the art of word play and showing intelligent dialect. It was political like "Fight The Power". We had songs like "Self Destruction" and "Stop Th...

@LupeFiasco Writes A Letter To “White Supremacy”


Okay folks, history lesson: The Red Summer of 1919, which happened in cities all over the country to rid Black people out of local towns and neighborhoods, then the bombing of The Black Wall Street in Tusla, Oklahoma that destroyed Black-owned businesses in 1921, later The Birmingham Church Bombing that killed 4 little girls in 1963. All these events went down and have succumbed to due to racism...