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@BucktownUSA presents Bucktown USA: Volume 1

It's the mixtape all of you boom bap heads were waiting for. The good people at Bucktown USA Entertainment finally release their most anticipated Volume 1 mixtape featuring brand new music from BTU Alumni General Steele paired on tracks with Tek, Umi (Dead Prez), Jakk Frost, Freeway, Illaghee, Ocee, Reef The Lost Cauze, Joneszilla, Sticman (Dead Prez). Also on the mixtape are more hard hitting ...

A Conversation with @crazydjbazarro

Some people know him as Bazarro, some people know him as Hollywood, but he is known for being DJ/producer for legendary hip hop group Dysfunkshunal Famlee and host of BEATMINERZ Radio's Bushwick Radio. Here I have a conversation with the famed DJ about the group, laptop DJ software wars, his Top 5 records and some friendly fire shot at DF member, Napoleon Da Legend. A truly funny interview. @...