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Da Dirty Clanzmen – The Dirty Truth | @dirtyclanzmenzu @DaDirtyClanzmen

Da Dirty Clanzmen is a tribute collective to Ol´Dirty Bastard formed by Brooklyn Zu's Dungeon Masta to represent Ol´Dirty Bastard's legacy and honor his name but also to establish who they are as artists. Members are Dungeon Masta, Struxx Denali, Dizzy Dizasta, Ern Dawgy, Manny Macgyver, Karnage aka Cashman, Eddie Hizpanik, Creep Dogg , F.Y.B.A. and Elijah Divine, Sage BadWeather, DJ 2Evil an...

@gillescasanova – The Gilles-Domini Project

Levi Gilles (aka Gilles Casanova) is a Brooklyn, NY native born in Cumberland Hospital. Growing up Bushwick, he was bless to witness the culture of b-boying, cyphers, DJ’ing and graffiti (what is known as Hip Hop culture) in its early stages in the local parks. Gilles was immediately consumed by its aura. Music making for him began in his early childhood years, as he is the son and nephew of g...