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@IAMDREADYKRUGER Talks Life, Pain, Music, and Being Real

MJ: MJ here, your favorite "Writter" with Writter's Block. Tonight taking time to chop it up for a second time with MJ is Queens bred THEM recordings artist, Dready Kruger. Dready, thank you for taking time out for MJ and Writter's Block. The last time we spoke you were just working on your album "Dreadful with Avengence". Since then the album has been released and is available now to purchase...

@iamdreadykruger – Dreadful With Avengence

Dreadful With Avengence is a lyrical journey through redemption, death, and reflection woven and narrated by the next most prolific story teller of our time, Dready Kruger. In the stories tradition of Queens New York's visionaries and emcees, Dready paints vivid images in this graphic audio novel that invoke thought and emotion on levels that are beyond any and everyone's daily comfort zone. Laced...