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@SemiHendrix1 feat. @sidthe3rd & @therealrussellp – “Bukowski”

Legendary west coast MC Ras Kass berates the present Disneyland mainframe over 3x Grammy Award winning producer Jack Splash's incredible head spinning theme park production. Add to the mix heavy metal supergroup Slipknot's DJ Starscream providing mesmerizing cuts and things get really insane when you throw comedian Russell Peters in the mix to create a complete mind-altering track from the creato...

@sidthe3rd – “The Love Inside”

For the last 15+ years Sid Wilson has been a member of the Grammy award winning band Slipknot, but the last few years, his love for hip-hop and turntablism has driven him to tour the globe as DJ Starscream (you may not recognize him considering he spends the majority of his working day with a gas-mask on). Love for this culture is all we ask for. Over a few decades we've witnessed artists ventu...