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@BeatsByDomingo Produces This Ill Monster, “Kill At Will: The Final Chapter” Featuring @BigDaddyKane @JoellOriz @OnlyChrisRivers @SnowThaProduct, And @TokenHipHop


Legendary Producer and Owner of That's Hip Hop Music, Domingo, executes "Kill At Will: The Final Chapter" with exemplary B-Boy beats, bona fide to Hip Hop!  Some might view this video as a comical cartoon or Hip Hop meets Halloween, but that is hardly the case.  "Kill At Will: The Final Chapter" is quite the opposite as displayed with the phenomenal and undeniable word play fiercely delivered ...

@Rkitech, Giving Hope To The Culture, Communities, and Elements Of Hip Hop


MJ: MJ here with Writter’s Block, and I am pleased to have the opportunity to chop it up with a very special guest not for the first but for the second time. From Long Island he holds title to Artist, DJ, Producer, Engineer, Teacher, and Community Activist! Rkitech thank you for taking time out for MJ and for everyone here at Writter’s Block. Now you have a plethora of projects going on right ...

#GivingTuesday Broadening Hip Hop Knowledge With The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy (@hiphopadvocacy)

The Center For Hip Hop Advocacy

Increasing awareness of hip hop's artistic and cultural contributions through journalism, original research and public outreach. 3 out of 10 adults say that hip hop needs to be taught in schools, so what better way to celebrate #GivingTuesday by focusing on one of the most crucial elements of hip hop: Knowledge. The mission of The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy is to broaden public perception...