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Hip Hop Guru, Engineer, & Recording Studio Owner Gunner G’s Is A Monumental Pillar In The Music Industry |@OnAirUTMradio

MJ:  MJ here with MJs Hip Hop Connex and joining me from the heart of Philly, yet internationally known, is engineer and owner of the syndicated radio station UTM and at Nest Recording Studios.  Thank you for taking time away from the studio for this interview. GUNNER:  Not a problem, thanks MJ I appreciate this opportunity. MJ:  You are a man of many hats and trades, emcee included for ...

Jazz Fresh Is Back With New Music And A New Album|@MarstenHouse

Some of you might remember him from his epic battle in 88 against Big Daddy Kane, and some of you might remember him along side DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince…Today Philly Hip Hop legend Jazz Fresh is “fresh” out of a 16 year hiatus and grinding in the studio creating new music.  Back in February he debuted his single “Aye Man” which instantly ignited a new anthem in Philly! [e...

@theroots – Things Fall Apart: 16th Anniversary

"The people are complaining because you grandiose motherfuckers don't play shit that they like. If you played the shit that they like, then people would come, simple as that." - Shadow Henderson, Mo Better Blues, 1990 This quote is part of the intro of The Legendary Roots Crew's 4th Studio album, Things Fall Apart, which today marks their 16th anniversary of its release. Things Fall Apart...