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@therealMrLif x @DelHIERO – “World Renown”

mr. lif

"Brought my portable lab over to Del's crib to capture this madness. Wore my engineering cap & wielded my poetic license simultaneously to harness the chemistry of what has now become a long friendship between Del & I. Our goal was to bring you the uncompromised raw." - Mr. Lif Welcome to Don’t Look Down, Mr. Lif’s first solo album in seven years, a chronicle of personal evolution, ...

PORN – The Official Mixtape


He moves by the name of PORN. Get your minds out of the gutter, not that PORN. PORN is an acronym for Putting Out RealNess and he just simply does that, anything you ever hear him say is actual and factual. He won't speak on the things in lIfe that he hasn't done. So he gives no gimmick flows that has been polluting the airwaves. What has been boiling in self from day one is hip hop in its auth...