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BigBob ft. Tony Gore, St. Laz, Daddie Notch, Skanks & Mic Handz – “Samurai Killa” | @BigBobPattison @tonygore20 @saintlaz_bk @DaddieNotch @therapmartyr @therealMICHANDZ


Five warriors enter the Shaolin Temple to kneel at the altar of lyrical style and flow.... North of the Border's BigBob releases a powerful beat that serves as the dojo on this Wu-Tang inspired track, where Tony Gore, St. Laz, Bankai Fam's Daddie Notch & Skanks the Rap Martyr and last, but not least, Brooklyn's councliman of Hip Hop, Mic Handz, join forces against those who would challenge ...

DC Gudda – FYS: Vol. 1 | @GuddaDc @BigBobPattison

DC Gudda

Born on July 4th 1989 prematurely, during the beginning of the "Crack Era", Brandon Tolson bka DC Gudda emerges. AIDS took his mother at 8 years old. He and his older brother were raised by his grandmother. Not being as stable as she wanted, DC's grandmother often sent him to live with other family until she got a place for them to call home. 6 months after moving into the new home his grandmother...

Jo Dancer & Chuck Burns – “First Wonder” | @jodancer1Nonly @chuckburns31 @BigBobPattison

Jo Dancer

Producer BigBob drops a raw single featuring Pottersfield's Jo Dancer & Chuck Burns.   This monstrous track sits up with the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Temple of Artemis as the "First Wonder". @jodancer1Nonly | @chuckburns31 | @BigBobPattison Follow Shamika Sykes on Twitter!

Ruste Juxx feat. Tony Gore – “Bread X” | @rustejuxx357 @tonygore20 @BigBobPattison

tony gore bread x cover

Crown Heights' lyrical king Ruste Juxx pairs up with producer BigBob Pattison's hot new upcoming artist, Tony Gore on a classic boom bap cut called "Bread X", fueled by infectious cuts from Italy's DJ Fastcut. "Bread X" is new off The Ruste Juxx Collection project that recently dropped last week. The project includes ten tracks of pure, unadulterated boom bap sure to get your heart beating and...

DC Gudda – The Seventh Sign EP | @GuddaDc @BigBobPattison

DC Gudda

The DMV's DC Gudda returns with a his hardcore, gut-wrenching debut EP produced by Canada's prime hip hop producer Big Bob. These tracks convey the inner city struggles of D.C. and her streets cursed by drugs, money and murder. These songs tell a tale of true situations that would have the average listener succumb to the brutality of a baller's life. It definitely reflects the "Signs" of the ti...

Tony Gore feat. St. Laz – “Another Breath”| @tonygore20 @BigBobPattison

Tony Gore is an emcee from the Bay Area, CA, with strong roots to New York City. Tony was born on January 28, 1989, to a Spanish father and his mother, who was born and raised in New York. Although he has been rapping and recording music since high school, Tony struggled with building a foundation for his music career due to personal issues and faced with extreme tragedies of his parents’ dea...

BigBob Pattison: Generation Y’s Producer with the Golden Era Sound | @bigbobpattison

In a time when music in hip hop seems to be sick and suffering and reaching its all time low in the departments of originality, consciousness and creativity there exist one man who is dedicated to finding a cure, this man is Canadian producer BigBob Pattison. BigBob started making beats in 2010, since then has produced over 600 songs and 20 videos for some of the best independent, underground and...