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@DONSTREAT28348 – “Streat Recognition”

don streat

Emcee Don Streat or Cyrus which ever you want to call him is Baltimore hip-hop at its best. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland but currently living in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Streat's hip-hop history runs deep with ties to the Baltimore hip-hop scene. Beginning in middle school, he crafted his first rhyme and then began to write rhymes for his closest friends which spawned him in creating Infi...

@lee_mitty – “Truth Is”

Lee Mitty

They say that the truth comes out when the alcohol goes in. In Lee Mitty's case, some Amsterdam and Sour does the trick as well. Over production by Epik Beats, the Baltimore rapper spotlights various matters of life.In true emcee fashion, Mitty translated her frustrations into rhymes. "Truth is, I'm just like y'all. Whipping faded through the city whenever night fall. Praying the boys in the bl...

@theironheartz feat. @DONSTREAT28348 – “Baltimore”

Vietnam_Don Streat_Baltimore_artwork_1600x1600

All the way from Baltimore, The Iron Heartz own Vietnam has started with music in '98 with Iron Hearts member Sinister Dice. His first solo album, One Life to Live, was released in 2012, with his hit song "Rock For my City," being featured on ESPN and skater boy legend Tony Hawk's RIDE Channel. Now, Vietnam teams up with native Baltimore emcee Don Streat and they tell you how it is in the hood ...

VIDEO: @DPSINCE02 x @felsweetenberg – “Old Album / ’86 Ushers Anniversary Picnic”

We have a 2 for 1 with Baltimore's Raf Almighy & Snook aka Dirt Platoon as they collaborate 2 of their tracks with Philly producer/emcee Fel Sweetenburg to make one awesome video. Both tracks are featured on Dirt Platoon's Bare Face Robbery album, which is out now on undergroundhiphop.com on CD & vinyl @DPSINCE02 | @felsweetenberg

A Conversation with: @DPSINCE02

dirt platoon

Raf & Snook, the two brothers that make up Baltimore's rap duo Dirt Platoon has been making noise since 2002. Their goal? Putting their city on the map with their own spin on hip hop. Performing with acts such as EPMD & Keith Murray AND not to mention being inducted into Baltimore's Hip Hop Hall of Fame, they plan to do just that with their upcoming album, Bare Face Robbery, which drops Ma...

@RafRafallmyself – G.T.F.O.M.Y. (Get The Fuck Out My Yard)

As one half of the Baltimore hardcore hip hop duo, Dirt Platoon, veteran emcee Raf Almighty releases his solo album under the French Efficienz label. Along with Parisian producer DJ Brans, G.T.F.O.M.Y embellishes true underground hip hop. G.T.F.O.M.Y. features cameo appearances from Milez Grimez and Bankai Fam's Skanks "Governor", Nutso & Fel Sweetenberg "Emperor", Wyld Bunch & Dirt Pla...