"Hottest New Artist to Hit the North East for 2015"

Writter's Block Concert Series will Selected and feature Some of the hottest New artist we can find as we travel from city to city attending and supporting new artist venues and as we sort through Writter's Block Concert submissions from across the country.

MARQ-Q – “Fuck Outta Here” Prod By FAME BEATS

fuckouttahere_frontFuck Outta here as mentioned by Brooklyn Emcee Mar-Q  speaks to his personal feelings about being doubted of considered off point when he knew his approach and integrity was fully intact. Meet mar-Q one of the most honest emcees i think coming out of Flatbush, Brooklyn New York in a very long time. Mar-q has grind hard to perfect his craft and prep his entrance into the main stages of mainstream and underground Hip Hop leading with his cultural foot first. True to the game and true to the Craft on the FAME BEATS assisted “FUCK OUTTA HERE” track Mar-Q goes heavy and hard at all haters and doubters that swear that they are authorities on the game from a spectators stand point “NEVER FELT BROKE, IF I WAS DOPE ,.. AS LONG AS MY BARS RICH” he raps as he opens this arsenal of bars, puns and quotable lines. Mar-Q definitely has something to say on his debut DR Minus project and hes coming for his spot in the lane. LISTEN NOW

  • “So much energy on that stage my homies souls were coming out! This is HIP HOP! #‎dlpivmusic ” – DLPiv Music


mickbundlesSo on Friday March 13th East New York Brooklyn’s own Mickey Bundles will partner The Writter’s block Concert Series to bring you the official release party event for his brand new album “MMM.com 2”. MICKEY BUNDLES is a veteran emcee with an incredible energy both on stage and in the recording booth. Mickey has been working for the last year and a half to cook up one of the most potent and impactful releases of the year. Making sure he created a solid interest and making himself a relevant name in the NYC underground scene with not just his music but his video programming 1st-Kin TV. 1st Kin documents the goings on in and around the NYC music scene going everywhere from the small local shows to the huge events at venues like the world famous Apollo Theater in Harlem new York. Look out for the start of the MMM.com 2 campaign through out January and February setting up the ultimate event and live show coming to you in true Writter’s Block Concert Fashion!!!!

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