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@IAMDREADYKRUGER Talks Life, Pain, Music, and Being Real

@IAMDREADYKRUGER Talks Life, Pain, Music, and Being Real


MJ: MJ here, your favorite “Writter” with Writter’s Block. Tonight taking time to chop it up for a second time with MJ is Queens bred THEM recordings artist, Dready Kruger. Dready, thank you for taking time out for MJ and Writter’s Block. The last time we spoke you were just working on your album “Dreadful with Avengence”. Since then the album has been released and is available now to purchase and to download at http://itsthemrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/dreadful-with-avengence. Talk about the final product of “Dreadful with Avengence”. Talk about the work put into it, the production, the features, and what the album means to you.

Dready: The Dreadful project is the real introduction of Dready and my close circle to the world. As far as production goes it was totally in house by the team. As far as the features I didn’t have to reach out because that was all family as well, from Godfather pt3 of Mobb Deep, Murder Incs, to Black Child. It’s all family. You have my brother Yung Joka, Easy Jesus, Raw Tint, Hazernomical, my twin Mic Handz, and Innocent, it’s was all home team…”Dreadful With Avengence” is the introduction of what’s to come next!


MJ: You have another album in the works. Can you give us some scoop on that? Is there a release date yet? What can fans expect from the album? How will it differ from “Dreadful with Avengence”?

Dready: “Dreadful With Avengence” was rawer than this next album. This next album will be called “My Spoken Silence”. There is no release date yet, I’m still in the recording stages of it. It will be different when it comes to production because it’s solely produced by my bro Ak from Austria, with features from a lot of my family. But it will be fined tuned and mastered by my Austrian team…There are a lot of concepts and angles on this album. I suggest people prepare themselves because I stepped the bars up on this album, and the production is serious!

MJ: You heard it here first, be on the lookout for “My Spoken Silence! Talk a little bit about Animal Gang, a Hip Hop group which you are part of. How did you link up with them? Do you have a preference as a solo artist or a collaborative artist?

Dready: Animal Gang is exactly that, animals of lyricism. They saw what I had and voted me in. Every person in our nine emcee group is a total problem! I want to shout out my Animal Gang member Senica the Misfit who just signed a deal with Sony. We all are solo artists. We feature each other on each other’s albums, we plan and attack strategically and it helps us tremendously. We have members from Germany, Cali, Maine, Baltimore, North Carolina, and NYC, we are all over! As a group there aren’t many that can contend to what we do when we mix it up on a record or attack as a whole! Every artist is a straight up problem, I promise you!

MJ: MJ had the opportunity to see Animal Gang perform live and what an experience it was, off the charts! The onstage chemistry is incredible! You have been named as a lyrical monster, a lyrical beast, a real Hip Hop artist who is true to his craft, MJ can go on and on! Let us in on your delivery as an emcee and your stage performance. How is Dready Kruger the real Hip Hop?

Dready: I mean I know who I am and I refuse to conform to the bullsh*t. You’re either with it or against it. Whether it was 1999 or 2015 I’m going to do me. I’m confident in myself and know I get busy, from production to engineering to mixing and emceeing. I love rapping, and I love music but I am Hip Hop. It’s what I live, and coming from the essence where it all started, I will always give them a style and sound that reverts back to where I come from. So as I sit here and shake my head at these powder puffs on these BET cyphers, I can only laugh at the world we are in…I’m ready to call for a lyrical martial law literally! The game is soft with a bunch of people that don’t say sh*t in their rhymes. Well I’m out to send a message this year, so beware! Some have bars, some have delivery, but too many lack the total package. I’m here to raise the bar and standard! When it comes to stage presence, it’s raw, real, no gimmicks, just bars, no dancing or jumping round the stage.

MJ: Beware! Warning shots have been fired! As a fan MJ appreciates the realness of a performance with just a mic and a powerful voice! I respect your grind, your motivation, and your dedication as an artist. There’s no hesitation to put on a show, travel is not an issue, shows back to back are not an issue, nor are the long hours making tracks. Talk about the tour life and how you find the balance of it all with work and your family.

Dready: It’s never easy, but I find a way! My family supports what I do, knowing who I am, and also knowing that without the music, the studio, the shows in my life, I may lose my sanity. I was bred for this at a very young age. I believe I was forced to start playing the piano since about 4 years old when my uncle told me you’re going to learn to read music before books, and started beating my fingers with that baton every time I’d play a wrong note on that piano. Well I have to say that it paid off and helped to mold the man here today. It’s where my drive and love for creating comes from.

MJ: I want to briefly take it back home. You have recently suffered such great losses back to back. Tell us the impact that the passing of Sean Price had on you as a friend, a mentor, and an artist. That was not all though, you didn’t have time to mourn before you lost your mother. On behalf of MJ and everyone at Writter’s Block we send our deepest condolences to you, your family and your children. How are you able to move forward from the most difficult losses a person can suffer? I admire your strength! Do you think if you weren’t’ so involved in Hip Hop your choice to move forward would have been a little different?

Dready: Look, losing P hurt. I was in Walmart in Pennsylvania when I got the word, and I literally dropped the milk in my hand on the floor and walked out with my lady, in tears. I’ve known P since 2004, and he was always the one to say to me and my twin Mic Handz, ”Dready stay close man”. I think about one of P’s last performances when he jumped on stage and was like, ”Look, that big nigga over there, that’s Jondog”! He then proceeded to say, in front of everyone, ”I knew him since he was a skinny dog”! I think about that sh*t a lot and it hurts a lot. To think I was going to the wake, ready to walk out my door literally when I got the call that my mother passed away in South Carolina. Instead of making my way to pay my respects to my brother P, I drove fourteen hours south to deal with mama love…They passed three days apart. I got calls from everybody from Tek and Steele, Haze, Innocent, to my twin Mic Handz, and all types of family…My world just went into limbo. But I’ve been down this road so many times before with losing six brothers and sisters. The pain breeds strength like you can never imagine unless you go through it. That’s all I can say. But I will say I’m thankful for the brothers I have in my corner, they are the truth. My brother Yung Joka and Illy the Wise are literally brothers from another but it’s like they are blood they way they’ve always gone all out for me, No matter what and no matter where Joka, Illy, and Haze are there!!! I thank whatever God there is for them, if there’s one at all…Next question!

MJ: I want to thank you for sharing that with the world! Dready, seven years ago with prison stripes and all too Dready now…What has changed? How has your career progressed? What are you working on now to ensure the longevity of your career?

Dready: Dready then…jail, stabbed, shot, metal plates in spine, fighting, selling drugs, that was then. Dready now has learned to drive himself and stay away from all the bullsh*t! In one word, I’ve learned to focus. I have a lot of things that will keep me busy, and I intend on throwing venues, but I won’t speak much on that just yet. You’ll have to stay tuned and see.

MJ: Tell us about some upcoming projects you are working on, and what’s in store for Dready Kruger in 2016!

Dready: I just did a feature that will be dropping on Domingo’s album with Nutso and Lord Nez. I’ve done a couple of other features on numerous other artist’s albums like Sutter Kain, Donnie Darco, Eny the Artist, Apokalipz the Archangel, and a bunch of others. 2016, I’ll be dropping “The Shiesty Heights” project, which is already done and ready to go! “My spoken silence” is in the works and a mixtape which I may let go for free just for the promotion. I’ll be putting out like five videos, three will be from the “Dreadful with Avengence” album.

MJ: A lot in the works! Before we wrap up tell the fans where to go for music, videos, tour info, and everything Dready!

Dready: THEM Recordings and MJ, you already know!

MJ: Let MJ add to that. You can follow Dready on Twitter @IAMDREADYKRUGER, on Instagram @DreadyKruger, Dready Kruger on Facebook and download “Dready with Avengence” at http://itsthemrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/dreadful-with-avengence.  For all bookings, collaborations, and PR contact MJ at mjspokenword@gmail.com. Now you already know how MJ ends her interviews, so drop a little something for MJ and Writter’s Block! Thank you again for taking time out for MJ, and thank you for your lyrical talent and contributions to Hip Hop, salute!

Dready: “I keep trying and trying nothing changed still f*cked in the game with One bullet for that slug to my brain. But here’s a reason why I fucking complain in plain sight A&R’s should be a shame for some of these names in lights. Claimin’ they tight but shit change when they write they don’t got sh*t. The label insane off hype but dudes don’t get a profit. Thinking they hot shit but they only spit on one topic, but money comes with hits and they ain’t got sh*t in they pocket. These companies need to stop it there’s too much talent running and gunning wishing for something to keep them in balance now they wilding Cause sending out CD’s and getting silenced got them violent so it’s back to the street for the money challenge. For fast money to pile in Fuck hopes and dreams. It’s back to stick ups, dope feigns to get hold on some cream and you wonder why the streets so mean flooded with criminals. Half of them lyrical but you pass and never listen thru. Now what do I gotta do for recognition Just start sh*tting on record companies for showing no love to me I’m banging my head like heavy metal sending demos At least y’all could do is send me a memo Now What do I gotta do Through C4 thru record store doors with my Cd attached Show yall I’ll blow for sure. Sometimes I feel why am I flowing for I’m sick of the waiting While niggas is making millions I’m in poverty hating A side of me chasing to tell those that wouldn’t pop my tape in I’m here now. Should have got me when you see my face then Instead of wasting precious… minutes and seconds while spitting perfection in front of your face you switching directions… Missing the lessons. Looking for talent here’s a suggestion. Before the big picture watch the artist when sketching The art is reflection your part of perception must be cloudy if you don’t hear genius in me and those around me Now you found me, sick as shit spitting with the intensity of the greatest who passed within the century. Your best MC’s rhymes are elementary and eventually you’ll see the best of me, cause these niggaz ain’t In my pedigree now what do I gotta do for recognition Just start sh*tting on record companies for showing No love to me I’m banging my head like heavy metal sending demos at least y’all can do is send me a memo”! –Recognition by Dready Kruger


Photo credit: Mic Handz & Dready Kruger

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