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050 Boyz Talk About Their Album “Everything 050” and Other Upcoming Projects

050 Boyz Talk About Their Album “Everything 050” and Other Upcoming Projects


MJ: Tonight joining MJ are three Jersey emcees that make up the Hip Hop sensation 050 Boyz. Welcome to Writter’s Block, and thank you for taking time out for MJ and for this interview. Let’s begin with introductions. Tell us who makes up 050 Boyz.

TRU TRILLA: Well there’s me, Tru Trilla, Riq Da Kid, and Prince AK, we all make up the group. When we play live we got DJ Nugget. We’re from Brick City, Newark, Illtown, and the wider East Orange & Essex County area. But we’re representing the State of New Jersey. We got that stamped in our name.

MJ: Let’s take it way back before we fast forward. How did everyone link up with each other to form 050 Boyz? Also, tell us where the name came from.

TRU TRILLA: Prince AK and myself are from the same hood. I met Riq Da Kid through Prince AK. Fee, one of our brothers, came up with the name 050.

RIQ DA KID: I met Prince AK through our involvement in the Garden State Greats Projects and we started to work musically with each other. He then began a new project and came to a recording studio I was working at to finish a couple records for his mixtape. One of those records was “Black Out” featuring Doitall who happened to be looking for an engineer at the time.  He told AK he wanted me to come down and engineer at his new studio he was building. We started working on his project “Heart Beat of the Ghetto”.  That’s when I met Tru Trilla. I would record artists but then write at the same time and then record my verses. With Prince AK binding us together, and further help from Doitall, it naturally became a movement. Prince AK’s family came up with name 050 Boyz and we ran with it.

PRINCE AK: Trilla and I are from the same hood & I met Riq Da Kid working with Treach. My brother-in-law Rafi came up with the name.

MJ: Now of course the fans want to know about your affiliation with Treach and Doitall. What kind of impact have they had on your career? Talk about that relationship, and how it all began. Do you think the musical career of 050 Boyz would be different without any affiliation from Treach?

TRU TRILLA: They’re our big brothers and our relationship is priceless. It’s bigger than music and over the years our bond became stronger. As for our career being different, I think not really, because we understand the culture and responsibility. Though in terms of the way business gets handled, then yeah, totally.

RIQ DA KID: They’re our Big Brothers. They help give us guidance and direction a lot of times. DoitAll helped put us together in the musical aspect and if Treach hadn’t been around, it would have meant myself and Prince AK would have never met.

PRINCE AK: They’re my big brothers and I get a lot of inspiration from those guys. They’ve been around from day one. It wouldn’t have been different at all. Our music is straight Essex County. Maybe it could have been for me a little because he told me to stay grinding, so without those words I might not have chosen this route.

MJ: What’s hot right now with 050 Boyz?  There is so much buzz on social media, print, airwaves, and everywhere! Give us the inside scoop!

TRU TRILLA:   Aww man, everything! The album “Everything 050” which was released on August 4th, our interviews in the studio with DJ Eclipse and Premo, then you got “Pay the Bail” produced by Riq, a new collaboration “IQ”, between Prince AK and Cort Knox. There’s “My G” single and we leaked “No Parole” off of the Seymour Chronicles EP produced by Joey Loax which was played on Rap Is Outta Control.  We also have the new splasher “Three Kings” which is Tha Advocate featuring 050 Boyz, produced by Joey Loax.  On top of all that we got two new singles and more projects in the pipeline!

RIQ DA KID: Well the album “Everything 050” is out now, and as Tru said, we have a few singles, EP’s, and solo projects coming.

PRINCE AK: Our 1st LP “Everything 050” and we’re keeping it Hip Hop.  We’re keeping that real sound, we aren’t using trendy beats to get this kind of heat.

MJ: Like I just mentioned with all the buzz 050 Boyz are it right now! Tell us, are you more about being relevant and hot for the right now, or are you working towards longevity?

TRU TRILLA: Yes indeed, that’s the mission. We’re trying to do history, it’s bigger than any currency. 050dat!

RIQ DA KID: Longevity most definitely! We want to build on this foundation so we can also help others.

PRINCE AK: We’re building a brand that’s based around our whole state, so that’s where we’re looking to build the longevity.

MJ: Can you share with us about some upcoming projects that are in the works? Any tours, collaborations, and/or albums?

TRU TRILLA: Yes, we have a lot projects underway, especially some new solo releases. There’s 050 Boyz and Friends, 050 World produced by Real See Yardizsquad, Prince AK meets Max B mix cd, and Riq Da Kid’s Ill City EP. For me, there’s Trilla Season produced by Jamie K and Matcy P, Buff Billions, and Seymour Chronicles produced by Joey Loax. There’s also two new singles, Goodbye produced by French from the UK, and Seen it All featuring Gritz produced by Young Guru, and so much more. We working. 050dat!!

RIQ DA KID: All of that and a few more projects we can’t mention just at the moment!

PRINCE AK: A free give away called “050 & Friends” featuring Treach, Doitall, Lakim Shabazz, Busta Rhymes, Yo Gotti, Juicy, Jada Kiss, & others. Then there’s new singles and an EP with producers from France.

MJ: S/O to those features included on “050 & Friends”! Let’s talk Hip Hop! Now with your relationship with Treach and other Hip Hop classics do you feel any pressure to fill shoes? Do you feel any pressure to represent the culture, represent the communities, and to represent the movement of Hip Hop?

TRU TRILLA: Well for us it’s more empowering. Our duty is to honor and uphold the tradition. We embrace it and run towards it with ambition. We love the pressure. 050dat!

RIQ DA KID: Yes definitely, because not only do you have big shoes to fill, but you want to be greater. So for me, I definitely feel the pressure.

PRINCE AK: Not at all! We have all of their blessings and they see and respect where we’ve been taking our brand with guidance from them, so we’re all good.

MJ: Take us on stage, forefront with 050 Boyz! What can fans expect from a live performance? Talk about that energy.

TRU TRILLA: High power lyrics, high octane performance and a boat load of energy, 050dat!

RIQ DA KID: Our energy is crazy. We’re always in sync and feed off each other, so fans can expect a real dope show.

PRINCE AK: Mad energy, good lyrical content, fun and a dose of the past. We all bring different levels of energy.

MJ: Who are some artists you would like the opportunity to share the stage or studio time with?

TRU TRILLA: M.O.P., Wu Tang, Mos Def, G Unit, Chuck D, AZ, Nas, man there’s so many!

RIQ DA KID: Naughty by Nature, M.O.P., Lords of the Underground, there’s a lot! But like with Naughty and Lords, we performed at the same place a few times but not on an official joint where we are all on that one song. That would be dope! The funny part is we have some recorded.

PRINCE AK: There’s really just too many to mention.  I’m a fan of rap period! We could work with loads of other artists.

MJ: Before we wrap up, tell fans where to log on to follow 050 Boyz and give us all your social media connects.

TRU TRILLA: You can get all of us on twitter.  Myself @egofree2_050, AK @princeak_050, and Riq @riqdakid_050. The group at @050_Boyz and affiliates @050everything, @050nation.

RIQ DA KID: The group Facebook is 050Boyz, our site is www.050dat.com and the label’s Bandcamp is 050ent.bandcamp.com.

MJ: Is there anything else you would like to share with the world of Hip Hop?

TRU TRILLA: We work for you the people, the world of creation and not imitation, and thanks to Writter’s Block. Big ups and much respect to all the readers, we understand the importance of fresh material!

RIQ DA KID: Remember and study the origins and roots of Hip Hop. Keep pushing and fighting for the culture! They thought it wouldn’t last this long!

PRINCE AK: Checkout www.soundcloud.com/0-50-boyz and take a tour through Essex County NJ, and also take a look at 050Dat.com.

MJ: This is MJ with Writter’s Block Concerts and I want to thank you for taking time out to chop it up with us, salute!

TRU TRILLA: Salute to you warrior. Much respect, it’s an honor, big ups warrior! Go grab the album at http://050ent.bandcamp.com 050Dat!!

RIQ DA KID: Thanks MJ! Shouts to you, and Salute, 050dat!

PRINCE AK: Salutations, it was our pleasure!


Photo credit: Guess, Dub M

“Hot Damn” Video: https://vimeo.com/130014348

“Get Back” Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMEuLJn_sdc

“Hip Hop Back” (Jerzee3 Mix) https://soundcloud.com/urbanelitepr/050-boyz-hip-hop-back-jerzee3-mix

“Watch That” (Bricks Mix) https://soundcloud.com/urbanelitepr/050-boyz-watch-that-bricks-mix


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