"The Best stages in New York City"

There isn't anywhere else in the city that handles their artist like we do or creates the environment that encourages growth like we do from the stage to the door.Our circuit runs from New York City to Baltimore from Secaucus and Atlantic City to Philadelphia.
Our circuit runs from New York City to Baltimore from Secaucus and Atlantic City to Philadelphia.


Mic Handz / Host

Mic Handz Founder and creator of the Writter’s Block Concert series had a vision to create a platform for himself and other independent recordings artist to be able to call home in NYC. This environment was to be meant to showcase and nurture talent as well as foster relationships and build networks that would in turn become the basis of the new self sustainable industry that will one day become the NYC Hip Hop scene. website


Innocent? / Co-Founder

Innocent? is the Co-Founder of the Writter’s Block Concert series and Co-Ceo of THEM Recordings and recording artist that also had a vision about controlling an environment that could serve as not only a platform for performers but a safe haven for the culture that we all know and love. Innocent? has worked very hard to help cultivate the network the following and respect that comes along with what is the Writter’s Block Concert Series. website


Doc Ahk / Stage Manager

Doc Ahk is not only the best stage manager in the game period! He also represents out longest supporting sponsor GID Radio as well as our long running radio show NOT97. Doc Ahk is an invaluable piece to the Writter’s Block Concert family. Coordinating the show both on the stage in the venue as well as prepping the show and coordinating the performers leading up to the date of the event. Doc Ahk is the transmission in this vehicle we are running. Get familiar website


Shamika Sanders / Head Blogger

Famed for her contributions to “Thisis50.com” and Jackthriller. com, Shamika Sanders, is the perfect person to chronicle the happenings and events for The Writter’s Block Series. Her overall tenacity and knack to be anywhere the action is, is the very reason you will soon see that Shamika is tied into somewhere near the root of ANYWHERE you need to be. Get familiar and be sure to build a professional relationship with Shamika, and know that anytime you hit our stage, and do what you are supposed to do…her eyes and pen will be on you. website


Fly Dii / Photographer

New to the New York scene Dii Lewis(Fly Dii Photography ) has managed to make her self a staple in and around the NYC underground landscape. Having proven to have a great eye for the environment and the great relationships needed to get the great shots. Dii has become a very valuable tool in the arsenal of Hip Hop. Dii Lewis, is not only a photographer but a promoter in her own right. Co Producing the famous ROCKY PRESENTS All That!, WORDS, and Women of WORDS hip hop & Poetry showcases & open mic events every FIRST Wednesday and THIRD Saturday at the NUYORICAN Poets Cafe in lower NYC. website
  • “NYC, Philly, Secaucus, Atlantic City, Bmore & D.C. is now the circuit that reps Hip Hop culture and provides platforms for real artist to rock stages. ” – COACH J





Lyrically Fit presents Writter’s Block Concert: Philly Edition

In the wake of an incredible partnership Coach Jay and Mic Handz have brainstormed away to merge two of the most viable north eastern new artist concert / Showcase platforms Lyrically Fit out of North Jersey and Philadelphia, PA. and our Writter’s Block Concert Series. Coach Jay had a plan to create a circuit that runs from Atlantic City NJ through Seacacus NJ, Philadelphia, New York and Baltimore through an additional synergy with Profitt of Profitt Productions. The artist that have been found and cultivated and exposed between these markets have been incredible. The wealth of talent has proven that this was an execution on behalf of up and coming entertainers that was well over due. Lyrically fit


“If we don’t put the extra work in it takes to sustain the scene there will soon be no scene for Hip Hop in New York City.. So if you intend to thrive here and continue to build and create and perform and have an opportunity to present your latest work to your peers .. Then we have to do this.”

-Mic Handz

IN DA STREETS TV is now on The Block

After a solid year of observing each others grind, artistic approaches, consistency and dedication, the team here at The WrittersBlockConcerts.com, decided to reach out to “IN DA STREETS TV” to initiate a synergy between the two brands. This new relationship will create the opportunity to bring our community the best footage and interviews from all future Writter’s Block Concerts as well as other affiliated venues and platforms. Headed up by Big H and host at large DJ Digi AL of Battlezone Radio at Stony Brook College these two individuals have such love for this culture that they utilize there experience and relationships to attend all the most relevant events to catch all the most relevant interviews to bring you exactly whats IN DA STREETS.

  • “Listen man, the Lungs on the mic in that building last night were…. the support shown is like family” – RedRum